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Life in Thailand

by Chris on December 15, 2011

As you guys already know, I’m taking a month off in Thailand before my trip to Philippines, Korea, Japan, China for business. I’m heading to Philippines in two weeks to meet up with all my team and possibly thinking of setting up a new office for my team. And as far as Korea and Japan, I’ll be doing some speaking gigs and working with clients.

It’s already been about 3 weeks in and I’m loving everything about Thailand. I mainly came here so I can step back from work and think out side the box. Two of the things I planned to get from this trip is to finish our book for our company and also master my body. I’ve been eating really healthy and been training muay thai every single day.

I just wanted to share some pictures with you guys since it’s been over two months since I last been on the forum or sent you guys an email. I’ve been focusing more on my seo business. Maybe I plan to get back on the forum and even do a launch but as for now, I plan to just enjoy my life and grow my business.

Btw, I also got invited to speak at a university with one of my top competitor a week before my trip. I was super nervous but it went pretty well. I plan to travel and do more speaking gigs especially in Korea.

Talk to you guys soon,

P.S. Take more action and let’s get bussssssssssssy! =)


fastest way to get offline clients

by Chris on November 3, 2011

3 leads and 2 deals in one day.


My friend Eric called me and asked if we can do lunch/dinner sometimes next week.

He said he wanted to get into affiliate marketing and he was wondering if i can teach him internet marketing. I said sure… and he told me “damn, my company just hired a seo company. Wish I would’ve known before!”

That got me thinking… hmmm, why dont I post on my facebook and let people know that I run a seo & web design company so next time if their boss or friend ever needed a website they can refer them to me.

No one replied to me… so i said whatever, at least people know what I do for living.

Then a lil less than 24 hours I had 3 people contact me.

These are not deals but leads. I’m not even sure if I can take on all 3 since my team are already involved in 3 huge projects.

One of em is my mentor who wanted to work on his new blog. Another one is my friend who works as a web designer at one of the biggest internet marketing firm. And the last one was from a real estate friend who told me that his friend will be calling me next week for a website.

Anyways, I thought I should share with you guys so you guys can do the same.

Tip: couple days before, I posted a picture of me speaking in front of a group of real estate investors. It was to add social value in front of my fb friends. (maybe you can add your recent customer’s website and say, “hey make sure to check them out. Not because I did their website but because they have an incredible ________.

Btw, my dream is to be the next Robert Kiyosaki. That’s why I’m on the forum trying my best to help. Also the same reason why i got myself a speaking gig and even did my first wso. Everything is a practice to becoming the best business consultant in the world. And by the time I launch my book I want to have 100 real testimonials from 100 real businesses. That’s the whole reason I’m doing offline marketing. So help me help you.


Just another day as an offliner

by Chris on September 21, 2011

(Note: *i’m jut copy & pasting from what I posted on a forum)

Hey, guys… so i got to my office around 2pm today and had a skype chat with my project manger.

[2:33:44 PM] Project Manager:
Hey Chris, you busy?
[2:54:32 PM] my skype id: nope, what’s up?
[2:55:33 PM] Project Manager: All good with “client #1″, no cut, just work done for her website in exchange..
[2:56:11 PM] Project Manager: And she needs the pricing for the seo of project1.com and the project2.com (advertising site) of the same owner [click to continue…]


offline marketing brochure

by Chris on September 14, 2011

What a crazy open & click rate. 

I’m closing this down tonight after I come back from the gym.

Thanks for the ones who purchased this. =)



offline marketing testimonial

by Chris on August 11, 2011

Here’s a testimonial from Jose.

Jose lives an hour away from me so I drove up and we we’re hanging out for close to 6 HOURS talking about offline marketing. hahahaha

He’s an awesome web designer. I highly recommend him! If you guys need a website make sure to check his website out at http://www.jvinteractive.com/


Other than that… Here’s how my day went… [click to continue…]


offline marketing strategies

by Chris on July 9, 2011

I made a quick video answering all your questions… make sure to leave some more questions if you have any.



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